Xbox Series X ” Halo Infinite”: When the game will be released

As you know, E3 2020 canceled this year and announced Xbox Series X. Gamers can look at all the upcoming games. The first installment came in May, but not much gameplay was shown off and was not so impressive.

The next installment has confirmed fo July, and some spoilers are saying it will come on July 23, 2020.

Jeff Grubb is a game journalist who pegged the date, which is the week of July 20.  The Microsoft first-party games are line up for the Xbox Series X.

Everyone is also waiting for an upcoming first-person video game Halo Infinite. The game was set in Holiday 2020, and Microsoft also announced that it is designing for both next-generation console and chapter Master chief Saga.

So mark your calendar, because we are so near to get the first glimpse of some sort in July 2020. Halo Infinite has under wraps as well as Microsoft proclaimed that Halo Infinite would be Xbox Series X title.

Well, fans are really excited to watch the first look of Halo Infinite on the next-gen console that coming along the Xbox Series X. Moreover, a 343 shooter is a cross-gen title that will be available on the Xbox One.

But wait has been over and very soon we will get the information about it. A trailer was shown at E3 2018 that shows the story is set on a Halo ring and highlighted the design of Master Chief’s Mark VI armor to return the design in Halo 2 and 3. Stay with us, and we will share the official news regarding the release date very soon.